Holon Referral System

The Holon referral management system is an electronic referrals tool that allows for communication back and forth between a multitude of organizations within Western New York. Holon allows for organizations to share information regarding mutual patients in a timely, efficient, and secure manner. The benefits of utilizing the Holon referrals tool include:

  • Connection between medical practices and community organizations utilizing the tool
  • Ability to work in conjunction with or independently of an electronic medical records system
  • Enhanced communication between organizations to ensure the referral loop has been closed
  • Instant messaging and email notification features for faster response times
  • Logged communication among entities for improvement of record-keeping
  • Less time spent on faxes and phone calls, leading to improved workplace efficiency
  • Secure sharing of records electronically, eliminating the problem of illegible faxes
  • Customizable questionnaires, brochures and attachment for each organization

Why does it matter?

  • In the healthcare system as we know it, patients are often treated by physicians in multiple settings, such as the hospital, specialty clinics, primary care offices, and behavioral health practices. Unfortunately, many of these settings exist within silos, making communication between organizations difficult. Additionally, medical care is only part of the pathway leading to improved health outcomes.
  • Many Community Based Organizations (CBOs) do not have an electronic medical record, and therefore cannot pass along vital information to medical professionals that may significantly affect their health, safety and wellbeing.
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